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For le théâtre des hirondelles(french theater) come back to us in the spring for next season

Horse Riding:


1720, Rang de la Rivière Nord
St-Jean-Baptiste (Québec)
J0L 2B0


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To Visit  :

The Honey House Chateau de Cyr ( St-Marc-sur-Richelieu) 

Miellerie du Château de Cyr
557 rang des Quatorze
J0L 2E0
Téléphone : 450-513-1770
Note: Shop locally. Call before you go.

The Honey House Chateau de Cyr offers products as close to nature as possible. Less handling for more flavor. You will discover products The Honey House Chateau de Cyr that, despite appearances, there is still in our agricultural areas gustatory kept secrets. All operations are done in the respect for nature and bees.


Nature Centre of Mont-St-Hilaire

The site of the Gault Nature Reserve, one of the last intact ancient forests of southern Quebec. This nature reserve is owned by McGill University since 1958 on the Mont St-Hilaire  mountain, you will have the chance to browse a network of 25 km of trails and climb four peaks that offer stunning panoramas. For questions regarding opening hours and pricing, visit the Gault Nature Reserve

Historical Visit:

Lieu historique national du Canal-de-Saint-Ours

Saint-Ours Canal National Historic Site

Lieu historique national du Fort-Chambly

Fort Chambly National Historic Site










City of  St-Marc-sur-Richelieu

Circuit patrimonial  ( Societé d’histoire de Cournoyer)


Activité 1 fois l’an

Parcours des Arts du Richelieu (circuit visits to artists’ studios and artisans – each year during the two long weekends of June 24 and July 1 – in six neighboring villages.)

Festival Chants de vielles (festival of traditional music and songs – the last weekend in June)



Restaurant Aux Saveurs d’Antan

in place restaurant Aux Saveurs d’Antan

open hours:  7:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs.


Tool free : 1-855-809-4483



Auberge Handfield

Auberge Handfield

Auberge Handfield                                                Country setting kitchen

555 Richelieu
St-Marc-sur-Richelieu, Qc.
J0L 2E0

TÉLÉPHONE : 450.584.2226

Tool free : 1.855.579.2226


And much more ……. Golf … marina..ect …..

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