For your safety

For your safety


The cottage as the restaurant has your safety is our heart that’s why we install a fire alarm system, emergency and exit light.


In addition we made the decision to take the safety of our customers has more heart going Carole and Paul take the first aid course including the DEA and the Epipen.





To ensure that you soyer safe we ​​acquired an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) with pediatric electrode and adult.





As we also have high risk of an allergic reaction in the restaurant or by the customer forgets to tell us that he suffers from unknown allergy or allergy we decided to purchase an adult Epipen and a child Epipen. Now it is not uncommon to know someone with allergies and we take it seriously. There have increasingly allergy and allergic person. Do not forget to tell your waiter or waitress that you have an allergy, we will take all necessary steps to avoiding contact with your allergen.

We do not want to take any chances with your safety and we do not want to lose customers because often our customers become friends . We are committed to your safety.

We are open to receive any suggestion to improve your security and ensure that you can count to your friend your stay with us.

Your life takes us heart !!!

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