History of lodging

A bit of history of our house that was built in 1895

Xiste Préfontaine House

Location of this residence
595, rue Richelieu
Province de Québec, Canada













Photo between 1914 and 1925.

  1.  gasifier
  2.  House of 595 rue Richelieu 
  3. Des Prés Street intersection 
  4.  Du quai Street intersection

Note the presence of a shed, the gasifier. Property of Romuald Noël, this building was used to store the necessary gas for street lighting. I think the posts that support telephone wire, but I’m not sure. The residence is the same as shown in the pictures below. The village of St-Marc-sur-Richelieu was electricity in 1924.















Photo 2007, before the construction of sewers


maison rue











Photo 2011: Electrical wire were removed, a new sidewalk and a stone wall were built


The history of this beautiful House Owners


  • The house was built in 1895
  • In 1916 Xiste Prefontaine, farmer, replaces Pierre-Edouard Ducharme, son of Marc-Édouard, as the owner of the house. Peter Édouard would have acquired his brother Edmond.
  • Xiste Prefontaine dwell home until his death in 1927 and his widow, Cordelia Prefontaine and his son took over Xiste as merchants.
  • In 1936, their daughter Antoinette owns the house turned into a hotel and his brother Xiste also occupies the hotel as well as a tenant Mathias Trudeau.
  • In 1954 the property was sold to Clodomir Ladouceur and Annette Bellemarre who house their family. Clodomir Ladouceur was deputy under Duplessis for a few terms.
  • In 1974 Ms. Ladouceur sell to Florence Coulombe Corneillier.
  • In 1998 the house was sold to André Bergeron and Cecile Boutin who turned it into a bed and breakfast.
  • In 2005 the house was bought by the couple François Thivierge and Maryse Allard.
  • And here in this beautiful story continued, the Bed and breakfast was closed in December 2011. 
  • in May 2013 Francois Thivierge and Maryse Allard is sold this beautiful house at Carole Morin and Paul Lupien which we decide to reopen the Bed and breakfast.

research : Nicole Lamarrelogo_societe_ind1

Of the Société d’histoire de Cournoyer



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