We have been pleased to serve you since 2013.

However, the pandemic and Paul’s health forced us to put the cottage up for sale.

We ended up finding a buyer

This is why we take the time to thank all our customers who we have received for both the lodging and the restaurant, we were happy to welcome you to our home.

We wish our buyers the same happiness in serving you.

However during the transition and the name change the gite remains closed.

We are therefore happy to have sold to Francois Berthiaume and Julie Brault and we wish them the same happiness as we had to receive you.

Hope to meet you maybe one day.


Carole Morin and Paul Lupien




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Aux Rêves d’Antan 

This B&B is on the main road in the center of the village along the Richelieu River in St-Marc-sur-le-Richelieu. Located in a century-old house, this magnificent Victorian-style residence offers all modern comforts. In the past, the Hotel Saint-Marc welcomed sailors from boats that shuttled between the river, the United States and the CIL factory. These boats had to dock for the night.

The B&B offers five large bedrooms, several with a view of the river. Private bathroom, cable television and telephone including long distance calls to North America for each room, including central air conditioning. In our beautiful village of St-Marc-sur-Richelieu, in our beautiful region, the Richelieu Valley, you will discover a region rich in history from the beginning of colonization to today, which happened between river and river. ..


Virtual Tour of the Bed and Breakfast:

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For the safety of our customers: first aid on site at all times

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and Epipen


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