sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development In June 2013, we acquired the Bed and we undertook a green shift to reduce our environmental impact and meet the demand of customers aware of the issues of sustainable tourism. We are holder of the welcome cyclist certification! We would like continuously improved our procurement process and provide our customers with products and high level services, that is why February 16, 2015 we decided to take a green shift in order to reduce the negative impacts of our activities on the environment.

At the forefront of our local and responsible purchasing …

Since 2013 we offer as little soaps in the rooms soaps from honey house Château de Cyr from St. Marc-sur-Richelieu is an organic soap and non-allergenic. However, we know of dispensers, shampoo and conditioner in each bathroom of all bedrooms filled with organic product.

For our purchases we try to predict the longer term, to reduce the number of deliveries from our suppliers or our local suppliers.

In addition we now offer to guests since 2014 electronic invoices that we send by email same for answers about the booking.

Only in our restaurant or we have an obligation to produce and deliver an invoice to the customer by the law, however, we decided to use EcoLogo certified product. We just change the TVs in the rooms for Energy Star TVs.

 Green choices energy saving material and water and waste management.

One of our first step is to use LED bulbs for our lighting and when needed power dimmers.

  • This year we are adding containers for recycling in all rooms and in all employee desktops.
  • We opted for a multifunction printer that prints on both sides in order to use less paper
  • Soap dispensers plant, shampoo and lotion instead of disposable containers in all rooms.
  • Use of biodegradable toiletries and phosphate free
  • Use of cleaning products derived from biotechnology, certified Eco logo
  • Replacement of sheets and towels every two days if asked by the client, otherwise 1 times per week or departure.
  • Installation of water-saving taps and significant reduction of water in the reservoir of our toillette.
  • At the restaurant level we will get food waste for composting.
  • We decided to install a Rational oven in the kitchen to reduce energy costs and the loss caused by the food surplus ..
  • In our future projects we want to install a charging station for electric cars and we are looking for a local organization for our food surplus.

Our B & B is located in a heritage home and we encourage and are in the defense of heritage protection and money against the house of destruction to rebuild new, but the renovation and improvement of energy efficiency in this one.

 Also as a company responsible and environmentally conscious, we’ll see to encourage all of our supplier and even our government at all levels to respect our environment and reduce our ecological footprint and without subsidy.

This is our commitment and see the respect of the latter by our staff.

Carole Morin and Paul Lupien, your host

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